Angela Ence experiences on being a woman entrepreneur?

Angela, Managing Director — ENCE Marketing Group Pte Ltd.

Being a women entrepreneur has many advantages. I don’t have to worry about what the men think of me, as I am not their peer — I am not working according to their “success” matrices. As long as I carry myself professionally, they also have no reason to tar my image.

It is also to our advantage that many other entrepreneurs and business decision makers are male…so put on your womanly charms, make some mistakes, give a smile and most of the time, you will be forgiven. Angela find that so many times, men, if they can just let their ego down a bit, to soothe ruffled feathers, they will be able to get more done. Doing things is not about doing things your way only — it is about motivating the other person to want to help you.

That said, I work best with objective driven people — men or women alike, and have no time to engage in meaningless emotional tussles that do not solve any issues.